Redesign, Twitter, WP7, and More!

Sep 19, 2011
While it's been some time since I've posted news, there have been quite a few changes to the Squirrelinabox Network since my last post. I've launched new sites, post big updates to existing sites, and have even ventured into mobile development. Let me dive into a few of those bigger updates below.

First, the most obvious change is this site has had a major redesign. The old design was meant to be a temporary one and ended up being a lot more permanent then I would have liked. With the new design I've also hidden a lot of the smaller projects as well as projects that are kind of in a "hibernation" mode.

Second, you'll see from the navigation at the top that I now have a mobile section. Yup, that's right. I'm now one of those thousands of sheep that have jumped onto the mobile bandwagon. As of right now (and the foreseeable future) Squirrelinabox mobile applications are all developed excusively for Windows Phone 7. Why WP7? Well, mainly because developing for that platform means I can use a lot of the same technologies I've been using for developing websites.

Third, I finally released the new version of Home Poker System a few months back. The new version brought with it a bunch of new features as well as a new "Pro" version.

Fourth, I'm on Twitter! That's right, I've finally broken down and created a Twitter account. I plan on using the account to announce all updates to the various Squirrelinabox websites and mobile applications as well as give some sneak peeks at new projects that aren't public yet. So if you want to stay up-to-date on everything Squirrelinabox, be sure to follow me.

As always, there's an even bigger list of projects I'm working on behind-the-scenes. I have a couple different WP7 applications that I hope to release within the next month or two. I have some big updates to existing websites that I hope to roll out slowly through the end of this year.