Server Down Time and Future Updates

Jun 02, 2015
As some of you may have noticed, many of the Squirrelinabox sites and services have experienced more downtime than usual during the last few weeks. Without getting to technical into the reasons for the issues, please know that I am working hard to reduce downtime in the future.

The biggest step is to move all the Squirrelinabox sites to a new server which I'm in the process of preparing for. It will likely be a few weeks before I'm able to complete the migration process and during that migration there will likely be some downtime, but once the move is complete, everything should run significantly smoother.

One of the other reasons for some of the recent downtime was the fact that I've been able to release some updates and improvements to the various Squirrelinabox products during the last few weeks as well. I've been able to update Better Movie Manager (both site and WP app) and Watermark Tool with some feature enhancements as well as overall stability improvements. I have some updates planned for Home Poker System as well that will likely deploy after the server move. I'm also working on a brand new website that should launch shortly after the server migration as well.