Server Move Complete

Jun 22, 2015
Last Saturday (6/20/2015), I completed moving all Squirrelinabox sites and services over to a new server. The new server is a "beefier" server with plenty of capacity and bells and whistles that should significantly improve the uptime and performance of all the Squirrelinabox websites.

Not only were all the sites moved to the new server, the underlying technologies driving all the products were also updated to the latest/greatest versions. This means the codebase and the databases were all upgraded which should also improve everything across the board.

While all of that was important to improve the performance and stability of all products, it was also a necessary step to enable me to be able to continue creating new products and to add more features to existing ones. Now that the nitty, gritty of the server movie/tech updates have been done, I can move onto the new projects.

I plan on having a new site up and running within a few weeks. It's not a big site, just a fun little project I've been wanting to do for a bit. Once that is complete, I have a giant list of to-dos to tackle for the existing products that people have been waiting for for quite awhile now.

I'll try to keep you all posted on the updates so that you can be sure to look out for all the new goodies planned.