About Squirrelinabox Media

Squirrelinabox Media is a small software development studio with big ideas. The goal is simple - deliver unique Web and mobile experiences that are useful and fun.

The Past

The first "official" Squirrelinabox website, Home Poker System, came online in April 2005 (though it was called Squirrelinabox Poker at the time). The website came about when some poker friends and I wanted a website to track and manage all our games and stats. We looked around at existing websites, but they just didn't cut it. So, being a Web developer, I figured I'd just whip something up and see if I could do any better. Of course, I didn't want all my work to be wasted on just my friends and I, so I decided to make it all public. Within a few weeks, new leagues started being created by people around the world. I knew I was onto something.

A few months after Home Poker System launched, I got an itch to try out some blogging. Everybody seemed to be doing it, so why shouldn't I? Thus, Office Humor Blog was born. And like Home Poker System, Office Humor Blog was a pretty quick success right off the bat. Sure, I only had a dozen or so visitors a day, but after a few of them started subscribing to the RSS feed, I knew it was something people enjoyed.

The Present

And so the story went - new website after new website was created. Some websites became huge successes, while others got left behind.

I recently started creating some Windows Phone 7 applications and have found developing for the platform quite rewarding. My focus right now is on developing a few new mobile applications while continuing to update existing websites.

The Future

More, more, more! Ok, so obviously a few new websites and mobile applications are on the to-do list. While I don't want to talk too much about new projects before they're completed, I will say a few of them are quite ambitious and may just shake things up a bit.

Of course, the future also means improvements to existing websites and mobile applications; my to-do lists are enormous.

Beyond that the future is still a pretty big mystery. What you can be sure of is that new sites are definitely on the horizon so be sure to check the news page for the latest updates.